1. Select a product and click on “Add to cart”. View the contents of the cart by hovering the cursor over the cart icon.
  2. After selecting a product, go to the checkout page by clicking on “CART” in the top right corner of the page. In the cart, you can see all the products selected. Here, you can also change the quantity of the products selected or remove a product if necessary. You can also apply a discount coupon if available.
  3. If the products are selected, click on “Checkout” and the checkout page will open.
  4. On the checkout page, please fill in your contact information, select a delivery method, and a payment method and click on the “Pay now” button.
  5. After clicking on “Pay now”, you will automatically be redirected to the bank’s website. Make sure to click on “Return to merchant” after making the payment.
  6. After clicking on “Place order”, you will be redirected to the bank’s website. Make sure to click on “Return to merchant” after paying for the order.
  7. When you have placed the order and we have received the payment, an employee in our online shop will confirm the receipt of the payment and will notify you of the delivery time of your Orders are processed on business days (Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.). If an order is placed on a Friday after 2:00 p.m., the order will be processed on the following Monday.
  8. If the procedure of payment for the order is disrupted for any reason, you will automatically be redirected back to the cart page.


Viperformance.ee – the online shop.

The online shop has a warehouse for storing the products available or the products arriving within six weeks (at the latest) after ordering.

Compared to a physical inventory, the prices and availability of the products in the online shop are given with a delay.


The online shop provides a partial warranty for all products sold.

A warranty is provided for all products sold:

To private persons – 2 years or longer, depending on the manufacturer’s warranty;

To legal persons – the manufacturer determines the warranty period. As a rule, the warranty period is 1 year after the sale but may vary from 6 months to 3 years, depending on the product.



3.1.1 These terms and conditions govern the relations between the persons making a purchase on the Viperformance.ee and Navionika Baltic OÜ website and the owner of the online shop at Viperformance.ee (hereinafter: the Seller).

3.1.2 In addition to these terms and conditions, the relations arising from the purchase of products on the Viperformance.ee website is governed by the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

3.1.3 The Seller has the right to change and supplement these terms and conditions. The changes to the terms and conditions and the price list must be made available on the Viperformance.ee website. The changes to the terms and conditions and any extra terms and conditions will take effect upon its publication on the Viperformance.ee website. If an order is placed before the entry into force of the new terms and conditions, the order will be subject to the terms and conditions valid upon the moment of placing the order, except when provided otherwise in the legislation or these terms and conditions.

3.1.4 The Seller has the right to change the product selection and prices without advance notice.

3.1.5 The Seller has the right to make discounts for specific orders and/or certain products during sales campaigns.

3.1.6 A contract of purchase and sale is deemed to be entered into (valid) upon the transfer of the advance payment specified in clause 3.6 to the Seller’s bank account.

3.1.7 In issues not regulated by these terms and conditions, the parties follow the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

3.1.8 The disputes between the Buyer and the Seller concerning the orders and purchases are resolved through negotiations. In the case of a failure to reach an agreement, the parties have the right to turn to the court. In resolving the disputes, the parties observe the legislation applicable in the Republic of Estonia.


3.2.1 All prices that are given on the Viperformance.ee website is in euros (EUR).

3.2.3 All prices that are given on the Viperformance.ee website is inclusive of the value added tax valid in the Republic of Estonia.

3.2.4 The Seller is liable for the compliance of the product codes and prices given on the product information sheet.

3.2.5 The Seller is not liable for the compliance of product information and/or images on the product information sheet because the manufacturers have the right to change product specifications without approval or advance notice.

3.2.6 Any changes in the number of products available and the prices given on product information sheets are valid after it’s publication on the Viperformance.ee website.

3.2.7 Different products have different delivery times, which also depend on the season and the manufacturing process. The expected delivery time is given on the product information sheets. The administrator of the online shop will notify you of the exact delivery time upon receiving your order confirmation.


3.3.1 The online shop Viperformance.ee accepts orders as follows:

  • Online via the automatic order placement system.

3.3.2 The placing of an order does not constitute entry into a contract of purchase and sale. The contract of purchase and sale is entered into and the obligations under the contract will be valid only upon the performance of the obligation specified in clause 3.1.6.

3.3.3 If a customer places an order, the online shop Viperformance.ee retains the right to record the customer’s IP address.

3.3.4 The Viperformance.ee website retains the right to cancel an order and refund the amount paid by the Buyer back to the Buyer’s bank account if it appears there are any errors in the product specifications or prices.


3.4.1 The Buyer has the right to unilaterally cancel an unpaid order or an order not placed on time by deleting the selected products from the cart.

3.4.2 Unconfirmed orders are automatically cancelled if the Seller changes the price list or delivery terms.

3.4.3 If a product is out of stock and/or any prices change, clause 3.12 will be observed.

3.4.4 If the Buyer wishes to change the order after paying for it but before it is delivered, clause 3.12 will be observed.


3.5.1 An order is only executed after receipt of advance payment by the Seller (see clause 3.1.6), except when agreed upon otherwise with the Buyer.


3.6.1 Payment methods available:

  • By bank link or credit card on the Viperformance.ee website.
  • By bank transfer (based on the invoice), upon special agreement with the online shop administrator.


3.7.1 The Buyer can select the delivery method most suitable for them:

4 options are available at checkout:

  1. Pickup from our warehouse (business days from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)
  2. Delivery service: DPD, SmartPost, Itella.

3.7.2. The order is shipped to the Buyer only after all goods ordered arrive in the online shop’s warehouse.

3.7.3. The online shop Viperformance.ee is not held liable for any delays in the delivery of the goods if the goods have been delivered to the logistics partners on time but the delivery is delayed due to circumstances, which the online shop Viperformance.ee could not have affected or foreseen.

3.7.4. In case of the special transportation of heavy items, a logistics partner of the online shop Viperformance.ee notifies the Buyer of accepting the transportation order and picking up the goods and of the time of delivery. The manager of the logistics partner calls the Buyer 30–60 minutes in advance before the arrival of the truck. If the Buyer is unable to accept the goods and fails to notify the logistics partner thereof in advance, the logistics partner organises a new delivery and issues an additional invoice to the Buyer for extra transportation according to the logistics partner’s price list and the Buyer is required to pay this invoice before receiving the ordered goods. In case of the transportation of heavy items, the goods are unloaded in a place with truck access (in case of a private house, at the entrance gate at maximum; in case of other premises, according to road conditions and at the discretion of the logistics partner’s truck driver). The Buyer is liable for making sure that upon the delivery of the goods, the Buyer or a person officially authorised by the Buyer is present to accept the goods.

3.7.5. Free transportation within Estonia means the transportation of goods to the Omniva post office nearest to the address provided by the customer. Omniva will send a notification to the customer about the arrival of the goods in the office. The goods are delivered according to Omniva’s standard terms and conditions, available here.

3.7.6. Upon receipt of the goods, please inspect both the packaging and the products. In case of any damages found in the products, please notify the logistics partner’s truck driver, request confirmation from the driver, and promptly notify the administrator of the online shop Viperformance.ee thereof. A statement on damaged goods can be filed within 3 business days after receiving the goods.

3.7.7. If the Buyer receives products that do not match the order, we ask the Buyer to promptly notify the administrator of the online shop Viperformance.ee thereof. In this case, the online shop Viperformance.ee will organise the return of the non-compliant products and will send out the correct products. The online shop asks that the products delivered wrongfully be treated prudently.

NOTE! If your delivery is delayed, please contact our customer service!


3.8.1 The Seller recommends retaining the original packaging of the product, should a need arise for any warranty services – some manufacturers require the existence of original packaging. The serial number or any other important piece of information for identifying the product may not be removed from the product or its packaging.


3.9.1 If the price of a product has been changed or a product is out of stock, resulting in the failure to deliver the product by the due date specified in the order, the Seller is required to notify the Buyer by the contact details given in the order. The notification must include information on the failure to make the delivery or on the new delivery terms proposed. If the Buyer finds the proposed delivery terms unsuitable, he or she has the right to cancel the order. In this case, clause 3.12 will apply.


3.10.1 If a product cannot be fixed or returned under warranty, the Buyer is notified and clause 3.12 will apply.


3.11.1 If the Buyer finds the purchased product unsuitable, the Buyer has the right to cancel the contract of purchase and sale within 14 days after the receipt of the product.

3.11.2 The product returned must be unused and returned in its original packaging:

  • If the product returned is in a deteriorated condition, the Buyer is only liable for the reduction in the value of the product due to use if he or she has used the product in any manner other than what is required to establish the nature, functions, and operation of the product. To establish the nature, functions, and operation of a product, the Buyer should only operate and use the product in the manner he or she would normally be allowed to in a shop.
  • The Buyer must open the original packaging of a product carefully and without damaging the packaging. If the packaging cannot be opened without damage, the product needs not to be returned in its original packaging.
  • All labels, including the serial number attached to the product in the factory, must remain intact.

3.11.3 The 14-day right of withdrawal will not apply to the following products:

  • Products manufactured according to the Buyer’s personal needs or on the basis of special conditions provided by the Buyer.
  • Audio and video recordings, program-based support if the Buyer has opened the packaging and/or activated the product.
  • Newspapers, magazines, and other publications.

3.11.4 To return the goods, the Buyer must file an application for withdrawal. The form is available on the website of the online shop and must be sent to the Seller’s e-mail address within 14 days (at the latest) after the receipt of the goods. Photos of the product and it’s packaging must be attached to the letter. The Seller has the right to request additional photos of the products to be returned.

3.11.5 The Buyer agrees to incur the costs of returning a product, except when the product being returned is not a product ordered by the Buyer.

3.11.6 Upon termination of the contract, the products purchased must be promptly returned (within 30 calendar days).

3.11.7 Upon violating the previous clause, the Buyer agrees that the Viperformance.ee website will not provide any services to the particular Buyer in the future.

3.11.8 If the Buyer wishes to exercise his or her right to terminate the contract of purchase and sale, clause 3.12 will apply after the return of the products.

3.11.9 The products returned by the Buyer will not be accepted and compensated for without the approval from the Seller.

3.11.10 For any products returned incorrectly, a repackaging fee of 20 euros will be applied.


The Seller offers the following options for the Buyer to receive the repayment:

  • The Buyer selects another product and the costs of placing the order are offset.
  • The amount paid is transferred to the customer’s bonus point account in the Viperformance.ee system.
  • The amount paid is transferred in full to the Buyer’s bank account. Repayment is only made in a format other than cash and only to the bank account that was used for paying for the order. The repayment is made within 30 calendar days after the receipt of a respective claim from the Buyer.

4.1 The online shop Viperformance.ee is a secure online shop environment for safe purchases:

  • The Seller cannot see the bank card details entered because the Buyer is redirected to the bank’s card centre. Upon payment, the details of the owner’s bank card are entered and recorded in the server database of the card centre.

5.1The Seller observes the principles of good practice and the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act:

  • The Buyer only requests the data required for the execution of the order.
  • The customer is notified when his or her personal data is forwarded to a third party.
  • By default, the forwarding of delivery details to post or courier service companies is allowed for delivering the orders to the customer.

6.1. The parties are liable for the direct material damage caused to the other party by breach of these terms and conditions.


7.1. Failure to perform contractual obligations is not deemed to be in breach of contract if it is caused by a force majeure situation, i.e., a situation beyond the control of a party and which it could not have been reasonably expected from the party to take into account, avoid or overcome the impediment or the consequences of the force majeure situation upon entry into the contract. Force majeure includes, in particular, extraordinary forces of nature, a general strike, riots in a local government unit of the location of a party, war, the legislation significantly hindering the performance of the contract, or any other situation that both parties deem to be a force majeure situation.

7.2. A party whose activities in performing their contractual obligations are hindered by force majeure notifies the other party thereof promptly in writing.

7.3. If a force majeure circumstance is temporary, the breach of the contract is excused during the time when the force majeure circumstance hindered the performance of the contract. If a force majeure situation continues for longer than 30 calendar days, both parties will have the right to withdraw from the contract and will not have to compensate the other party for the damages caused due to the withdrawal.