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3 bar Bosch fuel pump with 12 mm / 8 mm hose connectors

Basic fuel pump for fuel line, 145 l/h @ 3 bar. Diameter 52 mm. Connections: Inlet 12mm for hose, outlet

5 Bar Fuel pump, like Bosch 0580254044 but another brand

High power pump for fuel line or in-tank assembly. Built-in filter. Diameter 60 mm. Connections: Inlet M18X1.5 inside thread, outlet

Facet 480532 Red Top Cylindrical Fuel Pump, 151 L/h

Fuel Union Installation:- When fitting fuel unions, either wrap PTFE tape around the threads or use Loctite 243 to create

Fuel pump, intank (Bosch 0580254040)

Pump for in-tank assembly. 102 l/h @ 6.5 bar. Diameter 60 mm. Connections: Inlet open base with steel net, outlet

High power AEM fuel pump 400 l/h@ 3 bar, M18X1.5/M12X1.5

Designed for high output naturally aspirated and forced induction EFI vehicles Popular “044 Style” physical configuration with metric fittings for

Ti Automot. BKS1000 Brushless In-Tank Fuel Pump with controller

12 V, Low Amp Draw. Capable of handling 1000hp+ under standard operating conditions Connections: Input 19 mm, output 11 mm. Body